Why Costa Blanca?

There is no doubt about it. Costa Blanca is an ideal location for cyclists, certainly during the winter months. Sat just to the north of Alicante, it is one of the most popular cycling destinations across the globe.

Mark & Zoe Lancaster own Cycle Retreats, set in the heart of beautiful Costa Blanca.

Why Costa Blanca for Cycling?

Although Costa Blanca is sunny and warm throughout the year, the climate in winter is perfect for cyclists and cycling teams to take on. The surrounding area provides so much variety in terms of cycling routes, with beautiful scenery to take in.

Mark says …

“The area has on average 325 days of sunshine a year with a really nice temperature to cycle in the winter months, match this with the long daylight hours through winter and you have the perfect cycling environment.”

“The attitude of motorist (as in most European countries) is also massively different to the UK and the cyclist is pretty much always given priority. I couldn’t think of a better place to stamp on the pedals.”

The surrounding mountains offer a wide range of routes and different gradients depending on your level of skill. Many seasoned cyclists may warn you about the difficult routes in Costa Blanca, however you don’t have to worry about the routes you’ll take with Cycle Retreats. No retreat with Cycle Retreats is ever the same and we will tailor the routes depending on your level of skill.

Mark says…

“For me the area has the perfect blend of typically European climbs complete with sweeping switchbacks where you can really test yourself and ride the climbs the pros fly up in La Vuelta (I love to ride these and just loose myself in the climb); and then you can drop down to the coastal routes and experience some stunning smooth rolling roads that never end.”

“We are located 20 minutes in land from the popular coastal towns yet you rarely see any cars the roads are so quiet; it is an oasis for cycling.”

We have a in-depth knowledge of the local terrain and routes, so we know all the roads where we will be likely to encounter very little traffic. The road surfaces are nothing to worry about either, as they are almost all fantastic to ride on.

325 days of sunshine a year

Costa Blanca is an ideal location for cyclists, certainly during the winter months.

Why Costa Blanca for a Retreat?

When you arrive at the Cycle Retreats villa you will find yourself in the heart of the beautiful Jalon Valley.

Mark says…

“My wife’s family have lived out in Costa Blanca for over 20 years and as a result we have always been over in Costa Blanca visiting many times each year; and very quickly we fell love with place and the wonderful pace of life it offers. Not to mention some of the most stunning cycling routes you can find.”

The local town is simply beautiful and filled with the most friendly people you will meet. The town is small and is typically Spanish with very little English spoken, but this adds to the whole retreat experience.

Mark says…

“There are so many beautiful parts of the area and you get to see them in such detail while out on the bike, I particularly like it in February when the valley is alive with the purple almond blossom. For me though it has to be the wonderful cycling routes we have the privilege to ride on a daily basis and the wonderful friendly locals.“

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