Following on from the festive season, are you lacking motivation to get back into training or to get out on the bike? Don’t worry, here’s some tips to keep you pushing those pedals and will hopefully kick start your 2019.

Set Goals

Super important! Set some goals that you know will challenge and push you. Make it something you’ll need to train for. This will focus you when all you really want to do is curl up on the sofa!  For me, this is the best form of motivation and something I do to get me out on a cold wintry day.

Don't Ride Alone

Having a training buddy can provide that element of consistency, being accountable to your friend or a club rider is a great way to motivate yourself. Plus, can you imagine the bragging rights if they bail on you and you still go out and train?

Indoor Training

Safety is paramount! It’s no good heading out and risking your health or injuring yourself if the road conditions are too bad. By using Zwift, Trainer Road etc. this will keep you motivated by turning what used to be a laborious turbo session into something enjoyable!


Once you get into the swing of training, routing is key. Perhaps you can commute to work on the bike or maybe do regular short workouts to keep you motivated and focused.

Train Smart and Be Sensible

Whilst winter time is the time to be doing the long slow stuff to increase your base fitness, often the weather conditions don’t allow for it. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, put a hard, short effort in giving you maximum benefit in the time available. It’s no joy sat on the bike for 4 hours in freezing weather!

Tell People

Tell people of your goals and training plan. Tell everyone and anyone who will listen! It’s likely you’ll stick to your training plan if people start to question how training is going.  Why did you cut that ride short? Why didn’t you train today? When are you doing that sportive? Surely this is enough to encouraging you to keep pushing?

Introduce a Coach

The introduction of a coach is great for the motivation! You’ll get a weekly plan tailored for you and your goals to help kick off your workouts. As mentioned above, a training buddy or this time a coach, is a great way to motivate you. If you’re not able to get a coach, there are several plans available via the internet to follow.  Just remember, telling somebody about your training plan means you will be less likely to bail on the first session!

Right Clothing

If you are heading out in all weathers, then the right clothing is the difference between an enjoyable experience and an awful one! There is some fantastic cycling gear to be bought and if you want to increase your load and base training then long hours in the saddle and in cold conditions is certainly not enjoyable if you haven’t got the right gear! I believe there is no such thing as bad weather…just bad clothing!

If all else fails, why not book a holiday at Cycle Retreats to keep you motivated?!

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