At Cycle Retreats, we want you to relax, unwind and enjoy the stunning surroundings whilst challenging yourself on the bike.

Quite simply, Cycle Retreats is not a training camp and our focus is all about providing you with the perfect cycling holiday.

For now though; here’s a little bit about ourselves.

My name is Mark and together with my wife Zoe we own and run Cycle Retreats with help from our daughter Megan who deals with our social media (when she’s home from university). We also have Archie our cockapoo who is always on hand for a cuddle.

I have been cycling for over 25 years and truly love the sport, over the past 5 years I have also competed in many triathlons ranging from the smaller sprint distances to Ironman distances, but my true love is and always will be the bike. When I’m not on the bike I love nothing more than to hit the slopes snowboarding with my Zoe where I play catch up pretty much all day. I’m sure she was born with a board on her feet!

I have also assisted in charity european bike tours as a ride leader and mechanic as well as leading club rides in the UK; so you are in safe hands. I also have a knack of knowing where to find the great cafés and bars for a cheeky glass of vino to finish off the ride.

Zoe is also a very keen cyclist and has also completed several triathlons with a love of Pilates and Snowboarding and often joins us on the rides to spin the legs. Zoe also knows how to throw one mean party, hospitality really is her calling. If it’s paleo, gluten-free, juice only or wheat free; we can accommodate you. At Cycle Retreats it really is all about you!

So why we set up

Both Zoe and I have spent over 15 years ingratiated into the corporate treadmill at a senior level and we weren’t enjoying the stress and long hours our roles demanded of us. The pressure continued to increase to the point where it was affecting our health and well-being. We decided it was time to make a change… a big huge whopping lifestyle change.

We head out to Costa Blanca several times a year to cycle the area and we absolutely love it! About 2 years ago; and after a week of unwinding, riding and relaxation we sat looking at the beautiful surrounding we found ourselves in and we knew there and then this is what we wanted to do; to share this exhilarating experience with like-minded people who want to challenge themselves on the bike whilst relaxing and unwinding in style. That day we discovered freedom and what it meant to us. Cycle Retreats was born on that day!

Very quickly afterwards we left our corporate careers behind us, to pursue our dream; and we hope to welcome you in the very near future at Cycle Retreats.

Meet the Cycle Retreats Team!

There is a wealth of people behind Cycle Retreats that make it work.

Our Retreat Hosts – Tracey & Andy

I am delighted to be the host here at Cycle Retreats. It’s my first season and I am so thrilled to be working with such a wonderful team. I met Mark and Zoe back in 2017 whilst doing one of my many Sportives. I enjoyed following their journey whilst setting up Cycle Retreats and was thrilled to see how successful their first season was…it was truly inspiring! So needless to say, I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out that Cycle Retreats needed a host! I quickly sent off my application form, crossed my fingers and thankfully that moment of madness paid off!

My husband Andy was recently made redundant and this left us with the urge to do something very different with our lives. So here I am, I brought Mr Walker along for the ride too (see what I did there!)

I’m looking forward to finding some time to enjoy the cycling in Spain. Those beautiful routes and stunning scenery are so inviting. It was 2016 when I took my first challenge, a “Bike & Hike” challenge. Being made redundant after 33 years and my two boys now all grown up, it was time to make some changes and shake things up a little. I hadn’t ridden a bike for 25 years but 107 miles, two massive personal achievement over two days and I was well and truly hooked and in love with cycling. 2017 brought on C2C TPT ride, C2C Road ride, The Manchester 100 miles and countless other Sportives.

Cycle Retreats is an amazing place, nestled in some amazing scenery and full of amazing people! I am looking forward to welcoming you to Cycle Retreats and I know you will love not only the cycling but the first-class hospitality we offer. Andy, my husband used to be a baker before he got made redundant, so if we are lucky he might bake us some fresh bread and a cake or two!

Office Manager – Karen Roberts

I met Zoe and Mark through mutual cycling buddies and it wasn’t long before I was agreeing to support and help with the office admin. Behind the scenes, I help keep Cycle Retreats working like a well-oiled cog!

Although I do dabble at cycling and love being out on the road, I absolutely love working and being part of this wonderful team that makes Cycle Retreats a fabulous place to be. I have worked as a PA in the hotel industry for longer than I care to remember, and at Cycle Retreats I use my skills and knowledge to make sure that we are ready and organised when our guests arrive at the Retreat.

Based in the UK, I keep the office running smoothly whilst Mark & Zoe, and the rest the team in Spain, make sure our guests are looked after and have an amazing holiday both in and out of the saddle. I do occasionally dust off my bike and get out to the Retreat and my husband, a keen cyclist, loves to come along and is always very envious of the beautiful scenic routes that the team get to ride through each day!

If there is anything you need prior to your visit to Cycle Retreats, you can contact me as I am always on the other end of an e-mail or a phone!

We can create bespoke group cycling itineraries to ensure you challenge yourself on the bike and also get the opportunity to relax and unwind in style!

We hope we will be seeing you at one of our luxurious retreats in the very near future where we provide the perfect cycling getaway.